PHiMX - XMI code generator for PHP5


Type this command line to show help:

phimx -h `or` phimx --help


phimx [options] -d <directory1> [-d <directory2> ...] [xmiFile]

PHiMX is a command-line tool to generate XMI code of a project in PHP5.

-d <directory>
Add a directory of PHP scripts to parse.

Path of the file containing the XMI code ("./default.xmi" by default). You can use relative or absolute path.


-h --help
Print this message.

-r --recursive
Parse recursively PHP scripts directories.

-m --mask <mask>
File mask wich may contain common valid file name symbols (*: any number of characters, ?: any single character, [c,x-z]: any character enclosed by the brackets). You may enter several file masks separated with commas. You may use exclude masks with the character '|', an exclude mask is one or multiple file masks that must not be matched by the files matching the mask (eg: *.php,*.inc|toto.php,test*.php). Set to "*.php" by default.

-i --include-path <directory>
Add a directory path to the include_path, you can use relative or absolute path. You can add several include_path directories.

-f --formatter
Fully qualified name of the formatter Class to use, "phimx.formatter.PHiMX_XMI_1_1" by default (defined in the "phimx/formatter/PHiMX_XMI_1_1.php" file in the pear classes directory).

-t --trace
Create a "./phimx.log" file for logging parse. You must have installed PEAR::Log package to use this option.


phimx -d src/dir1 -d /home/toto/project/src/dir2

Parse several directories of php scripts ("*.php" by default). The XMI code is saved in the "./default.xmi" file.

phimx -d src -r -m "*.php,*.php5" project.xmi

Parse recursively the "src" directory php files with php and php5 extension. The XMI code is saved in the "project.xmi" file.

phimx -d src -i lib -i /usr/pear doc/project.xmi

Parse the "src" directory php files using 2 directories to add to the include_path. The XMI code is saved in the "project.xmi" file in the relative "doc" directory.